How to Clean White Converse

White converse shoes are comfortable, versatile, and stylish. They look great when they are still new. You can wear your converse shoe with just about anything. However, there is one problem with white converse shoes. They get dirty quickly. It is even worse when you use them in rains.

It is not easy to understand right from the start how to clean white converse, but there are easy and effective ways of cleaning them. If you have not been using your white converse shoes because they are dirty, here are the best ways for cleaning them.

Remove the Shoelaces

Unlace your white converse shoes. This makes it easier to thoroughly clean them. You can soak your shoes in a basin or bucket of warm and soapy water. It is important to know that they won’t be as bright as they were when you bought them.

Rinse the Shoes

Rinse your white converse shoes under running water. Drench them in cold water. Dunk them into a large basin or bucket of water. Or rinse the shoes under a running faucet.

Cold water helps prevent any stains from setting in so use cold water. Cold water also helps to prevent colors from running and from ruining more of your white converse shoes.

You can clean your converse shoe on the sink, but the process can get messy. The cleaning solution can affect your floor so it is important to spread out a plastic or wax paper over the counter or the floor. Work on top of the plastic or wax paper to avoid excess drip off.


How can you make a good paste? Use baking soda and vinegar to make the paste. Combine enough white vinegar and baking soda in a plastic bowl or glass to form a paste. The paste should be foamy and thin.

Do not use a metal spoon or bowl because metals usually react negatively with the vinegar.

If you don’t have baking soda, use washing powder. And if you don’t want to use vinegar or if you don’t have it, use liquid laundry. The mixture usually does not fizz when you made them, but it is effective.

Avoid red wine vinegar because it stains. Use enough of baking soda and white vinegar to form a paste that is consistent.

After making the paste, scrub it over white converse shoes. Dip a clean nail brush or toothbrush into the paste. Use the brush to scrub the surface of your shoe. Clean all the sides of your shoe with the brush. Focus more on the dirty areas.

After cleaning your shoe thoroughly with the paste, rinse it under cool water.

Wrap the shoes in a fabric or mesh laundry bag and toss them into your washing machine. Wrapping helps to prevent the shoes from banging around violently in the washing machine.

Use a little standard detergent when cleaning your shoe in the washing machine. Use cold water and run your washing machine on a full cycle. Do not use a detergent or chlorinated bleach.

Let your white converse shoes to air dry. If you want the shoe to dry quickly, dry them in a warm, dry, and sunny location.

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